There has been confusion regarding Curly T's address.  Apparently, when the property was purchased Curly simply used the nearest address on 2088.  I learned today from the 911 people that the address is actually 4668 FM 2088 - that should clear up the problems we're having giving directions...


Ribbon Cutting

We will officially open int the community this Friday, October 6th, with a ribbon cutting done by the Winnsboro chamber of commerce.  

Our first two Prime Beef Prime Rib dinners were great fun.  The small dining room makes it easy to make new friends, enjoy good food and good music.  Come join us. 

Reserve a table for this coming Saturday night.  The house wine is good, but you can BYOB if you wish. 


Friday June 2nd - First soft opening.  I plan on having two more before the grand opening on july 1, that would be june 16, and june 23.  we will not be open june 9th so that we can apply what we learned on June 2.  that will be the best way to be sure you have a good experience after the grand opening on july 1. 

i Have 6 tables prepared , one four top and 5 two tops.  for the soft opening We will be testing the sandwich menu and a sampling platter (A flight of tastings - I guess pigs do fly sometimes).  so if you don't mind being a guinea pig, come give curly t's a try while he grows up to be a real eatery..

The mobile app is still in design but on schedule for July 1, 2017. 

Fresh product is being made over the Memorial Day weekend, aged product is being pulled from storage.  Breads and Cheeses will be in on Friday morning.  Look forward to seeing how our community responds to this new idea.   I sure am having fun doing what I love to do... Dr. T.